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American Legion Post 116

American Legion Post 116


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The American Legion stands on the commitment of individuals who pledged to serve and safeguard the United States through military service. This commitment extends from enlistment, through active duty, and into veteran life as they contribute to their communities and country.

During crises, The American Legion provides essential aid, and it has guided numerous young people towards becoming conscientious citizens.

The organization offers daily support to veterans seeking assistance for careers, education, healthcare, and housing, all without cost.

The American Legion also supports active and reserve military personnel, advocating for a robust national defense—a testament to their understanding of the sacrifices made by those in service.

Legionnaires work to remind society of the sacrifices made for freedom and prosperity, differentiating between days of remembrance and actively participating in creating memorials that honor the history of military service.

With reverence for the flag, The American Legion calls for respect towards the symbols of unity and freedom.

Within The American Legion, equality prevails over rank and prejudice, united by the common goal of empowering veterans to fortify the nation through impactful and enduring deeds. This mission has been a cornerstone of their legacy for over a hundred years.

We have weekly events open to the public as well as hosting several annual events and participating in larger events throughout the year in the community. 


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Business Hours : Tuesday - Friday 4pm - 9pm


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