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Rye Development


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Rye Development stands at the forefront of America’s transition to renewable energy, spearheading the movement as the premier developer of pumped storage hydropower projects. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Rye is introducing the world’s most established and expansive energy storage technology to the United States. This initiative is not just about energy storage; it’s a comprehensive approach to propel the nation towards its clean energy aspirations, bolster the robustness of the power grid, and contribute significantly to the global effort against climate change.

At the heart of Rye’s ambitious endeavors is the Goldendale Energy Storage Project. This monumental project is strategically situated 8 miles east of Goldendale, Washington, repurposing the site of the erstwhile Columbia Gorge Aluminum Smelter—a testament to Rye’s dedication to revitalizing industrial sites with sustainable alternatives. The project is being developed under the aegis of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, a renowned entity in the realm of infrastructure investment.

The financial scope of the Goldendale Energy Storage Project is staggering, exceeding $2 billion, reflecting the magnitude of its potential impact. It promises an impressive energy storage capacity of up to 12 hours daily. The facility is designed to generate a colossal 1,200 megawatts of clean, on-demand electricity—enough to sustain approximately 500,000 households. This is not just a boon for the environment but a beacon of hope for a cleaner, more efficient energy future.

Moreover, the project is a significant economic catalyst for the region. Throughout the anticipated four-year construction phase, it is expected to create in excess of 3,000 family-wage jobs—a substantial boost to the local economy. Beyond construction, the project will continue to provide economic benefits, offering 50 to 70 permanent positions for ongoing operations.

The fiscal contributions of the Goldendale Energy Storage Project will also be felt at the county level, with an estimated $14 million in annual tax revenue projected for Klickitat County. This influx of funds will support a wide range of public services and infrastructure improvements, further enhancing the quality of life for the county’s residents.

In essence, the Goldendale Energy Storage Project is more than an energy initiative; it’s a comprehensive economic, environmental, and social enterprise poised to set a precedent for future sustainable development projects across the nation and beyond.

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