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Washington Gorge Action Programs

Washington Gorge Action Programs


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Washington Gorge Action Programs stand as a beacon of hope and support for the community. Recognizing that everyone, at some point, needs a helping hand, this organization is committed to transforming lives and uplifting the spirit of the region.

With a comprehensive suite of programs, they address the multifaceted needs of individuals and families. From energy assistance to ensure homes remain warm and lit, to food banks that alleviate hunger, they are dedicated to providing essential services. Housing assistance programs offer a stable foundation for those in precarious situations, while Health Connect bridges the gap between medical needs and available resources.

The organization also extends its compassionate reach to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, offering assistance that not only aids in recovery but also empowers survivors. The youth center is a safe haven for the younger generation, fostering growth and learning in a supportive environment.

Safety and shelter services provide a sanctuary for those in crisis, and the commitment to drug-free communities underscores a proactive approach to well-being. Washington Gorge Action Programs embody the true essence of community care, where helping people help themselves—and each other—is not just a mission, it’s a promise kept every day.

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